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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Words of Wisdom and Revelation # 2

Reaching Divine Fullness

Divine fullness is only going to be reached by a progressive and ever-increasing revelation of Christ and His significance. Such a revelation - unless we misunderstand the record of God's ways from of old - comes firstly to an apprehended instrument which is taken into the deeps with God; then it is given forth as His truth for His people; and then it becomes the inwrought experience and knowledge of such as really mean business with God - not as to their blessing, but as to His purpose and inheritance in them.

The Present Need


Men (and women) of stature - (Isaiah 14:14; Ephesians 4;13). In whom the Cross has done a deep work as to self-interest. Who are not so concerned to preach, or to try and influence others to a doctrine or theory, but whose main influence will be one of LIFE. Who have come to know the Lord in a way of proving. Whose reaction to every situation circumstance, and proposition is: Does it glorify God? and whose touchstone by which all things are tested and determined is: Can it work out to an increase of Christ? For such there is a pressing need, in the Church, in the Lord's work, and in all the nations.  Inquire in the Secret Place. Basis of considerations: Romans chapter 6.

Christ Only and Fully

Whenever and wherever, by a new revealing of Himself, His purpose and method, the Lord has secured those who have moved out on to the ground of Christ only and in fullness, they have always had to meet a great and painful cost. Usually it has been their own brethren in Christ who have exacted it ... The truth is that - in many cases - they have only taken the ground which everybody knows is the ground of spiritual fullness; where questions of "church connection" and orders, etc., are never raised; where such things as joining something, or conforming to a special teaching or practice are never mentioned, but "Christ is all and in all"; and the one concern has been that He should have what is His ground and way of continuous increase.

The Way of Fruitfulness

If you are going to be an Overcomer ... if you are going with the Lord wholly and utterly, to persecute in [a] thoroughgoing way God's full end, to pursue it ... and pay the price ... there is undoubtedly going to be tremendous enrichment of others, and the fact is, and it is a settled law, that the enrichment of others, and the fact is, and it is a settled law, that the enrichment of others can only come in this way. Those who will not pay the price forfeit the fruitfulness. The real values of Christ have come all the way through the centuries through men after this sort, men of this mind ... Your greatness and you value and your fruitfulness will be according to the utterness of your abandonment to God's full thought. He will see to the rest, and many will thank God that you paid the price, that you suffered for an utter way for the Lord, that you counted not the cost too great.

~T. Austin-Sparks~

(continued with # 3

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