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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

"That Which is Born of the Spirit" # 23

The Rule of the Heavens (continued)


Now we pass to the second main significance of the "Heavens," which is sovereignty or transcendence or ascendency. It does not require a very profound study of the Scriptures to arrive very clearly at that conclusion that the heavens symbolically represent the universality of things spiritually, and then that, they represent sovereignty - that which governs or rules.

Beginning at Genesis we know that God put great lights in the heavens to govern day and night - the heavens rule in that sense, and throughout Scripture that principle is carried on in the symbols and types - heavenly bodies and heavenly orders. We know quite well that the visible universe is governed by the orders of the heavens. We know that our ocean tides and our ocean courses and everything on this earth is governed by heavenly bodies. We should not be here today if there were no sun in the heavens. Man has found some of his greatest inventions along the line of appropriating that  which the sun gives forth. The stars guide - the heavens do rule.

This is representation of spiritual things which govern in relation to all that is of God, so that sovereignty comes in and with sovereignty seen as of the heavens you have ascendency. "As the heavens are higher than the earth..." "When I consider Thy heavens the work of Thy hands," there is ascendency, elevation, transcendence - that which is above all. These are spiritual principles and it is in the realm of these spiritual realities that we are dwelling just now (Psalm 8:3; 103:11).

When you come to the realities themselves, away from types and representations, the position to which you are brought by this fact that "the heavens do rule" is that you have become possessed of spiritual secrets - spiritual revelation. When God has revealed to you the inner side of things spiritual you have been placed in a position of spiritual ascendency and authority. You have been lifted right above everything and you are in a position of authority, of government, of sovereignty.

Now our way has been to gather up everything in the Person of the Lord Jesus. He represents this whole heavenly system and we have seen that everything related to Him bears out these spiritual principles. Taking this principle of sovereignty and ascendency you find the  heavens so very much in evidence as ruling sovereignty in connection with His representative Person and vocation.

It is interesting and not without considerable significance that the Gospel is introduced with what is in the heavens governing man and governing things. I refer to the beginning of Matthew. Of course, you know I am referring to the star. The Gospel is introduced by what is seen in the heavens and that has taken charge of men to guide their course and the course governed by the heavens brings them to Christ. That is the principle in relation to everyone who is brought to the Lord Jesus by the Gospel or who is brought into the Gospel "concerning His Son." It is heaven's action, heaven's initiative, and we shall never come fully into the Gospel "concerning His Son" until we have come to some apprehension and appreciation of the rule of the heavens.

~T. Austin-Sparks~

(continued with # 24)

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