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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Thy Kingdom Come # 25

4. The Gospel of the Kingdom (continued)

The Holy of Holies

Then consummation of all the rest is the promise "to anoint the most holy". In the first instance this referred to the restored temple, but in the full spiritual sense it goes beyond earthly places and buildings to the spiritual temple of the Lord, the place of His indwelling by the Spirit. We are apt to be appalled by what man lost when he lost the kingdom; whereas the greatest tragedy was the loss to God. In the same way, we usually emphasize the blessings which the new, eternal kingdom of Christ brings to redeemed men. We need to remember that the greatest feature is the recovery for God of His place of honor and glory in HIS universe. The "end" which will come, when the Gospel has been preached in all the world for a testimony, is not just the termination of the day of grace, nor only the completion of the number of forgiven sinners. It includes these, but above all else it means the satisfaction of God's heart-desire to dwell among men in holiness and glory.

This is the pure objective of the prayer: "Thy kingdom come".

~T. Austin-Sparks~

(The End)

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