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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Cross and the Eternal Glory # 20

The Spirit of Glory: The Medium of the Glory (continued)

I am trying to say to you, that the greatest treasure that Christian can have, is a Holy Spirit illuminated Word of God. It makes a tremendous amount of difference. It does not mean that we know everything that is here all at once, for we go on in this realm of vast, vast fullnesses and we shall never exhaust them. But it is alive, it is alive. We are not just studying it as dead matter, it is alive to us. Is it like that with you?

Well, you see, it is a question of whether you have really grasped the significance of the day of Pentecost. The dispensation changed on that day, from the one to the other. Are you living in the old "tables of stone," the objective presentations of Divine commandments? Or, are you living in this dispensation where, "God hath shined in our hearts, to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ?" (2 Corinthians 4:6). Mark you, always through the Scriptures, by the Word of God; not something extra to, but something there. And yet, something more than the letter, there is the blessed powerful witness of the Spirit to the meaning, the meaning there. You may have that; that is our birthright in this dispensation.

Oh, for more Holy Spirit indwelt and taught children of God, who really know what is theirs by right in this dispensation to have the Holy Spirit within. Not just believing in the truth, the doctrine, the statement that it is so, but being in the good of it, knowing it to be true: The Holy Spirit is in me, and the Holy Spirit is teaching me, and the Holy Spirit is showing me what God means by His Word. I am coming, as the Holy Spirit teaches and instructs and illuminates, to see God meant more than ever I realized He meant when He said that and that and that. You see, it is a living relationship by the Holy Spirit. And when it is like that it is Glory. The burden goes, the strain goes, the onus (burden) goes off of us, it is life, it is really Life - indeed, it is Glory.

Now it is a fact, you see, that you can pass from one realm into the other even as a Christian; pass from that realm where, though you believe in the Lord and you have the Lord, and you know you are saved, and yet, there is a dome over you. A brass dome over year head where the Word of God is concerned, and you fumble and try to find your way about, and what does it all mean? And then you have that dome removed or split, and the Spirit shine right into your spirit and the whole thing becomes illuminated. It is the same Word, but it is two different dispensations.

Well, I have stated the facts, and I know them to be facts; but you, if you do not know what I am speaking about, well, you go and have some dealings with the Lord on this matter. It must be like that, for the ministration of the Spirit is Glory in relation to the Word of God.

~T. Austin-Sparks~

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