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Monday, December 31, 2012

Wisdom Enters

When wisdom enters your heart, Proverbs 2:10 NKJV

I love how the writer uses both positive and negative statements to enforce the truth. Let’s take a closer look. Read Proverbs 2:10-15

On the positive side we see the benefits of wisdom being knowledge, discretion and understanding. Knowledge becomes pleasant to our soul. Have you ever shunned a learning opportunity? Maybe because we didn’t have wisdom in our hearts that made knowledge seem pleasant to us. Next we see discretion will preserve you. I love this one because I know the value of discretion after having lived through many years without it. Lastly we see understanding will keep you. Knowledge of truth, discretion, and understanding consequences will deliver us from many bad choices in life.

Now let’s look at the negative statements wisdom guards us against. Wisdom will deliver us from the way of evil. If we have wisdom we won’t go near anything evil. Again discretion steps in to prevent us from following that way. Knowledge and understanding kick in to remind us there is a way that seems right to man but ends in death. Wisdom delivers us from the man who speaks perverse things. It enables us not to tolerate or hang around those who use vulgar, obscene, irreverent, disrespectful, and evil speech. Wisdom also guards us from those who leave the path of righteousness. This speaks of preventing us from stumbling when a believer backslides or walks away from the Lord to walk in the way of darkness. Wisdom will keep us from rejoicing in doing evil or delighting in perversity as we learn to hate what God hates. Have you ever hear someone bragging about their late nights of partying, hang-overs and pre-marital sexual experiences? They delight is doing evil. So to cap it off all these negative ways are crooked and devious. But wisdom will guard you if you allow wisdom into your heart.

We’ve looked at the positive benefits of wisdom and the negative elements that occur when wisdom is missing. We should have a good, clear picture of the importance of wisdom in the life a believer. How about you? Have you asked wisdom into your heart?

Father God, hallow be your name, your will be done. Jesus you are the Son of God who died for my sins that I might have life in you. Enable me to ask you into my heart today that I might be filled with wisdom to walk the path of righteousness until the day you take me home. In Jesus’ name I ask this.  Amen.

~Think On It~

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