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Saturday, August 30, 2014

War In Your Heart # 43

Two Thrones At War - God's Original Creation  (continued)

What could reveal more clearly the supremacy of the uncreated God over all His creation: the sovereignty of the Creator over all created beings and things?

As the King and the Kingdom Are Eternal, So Is the Throne Eternal

The throne is an everlasting throne. It is God's, and His for ever and ever (Lamentations 5:19; Psalm 145:13).

There can be no rival to God's throne. It can never be transferred to another. From the eternity of the past to the eternity of the future, the throne belongs to God and to God alone. God's throne is a throne of glory (1 Samuel 2:8; Jeremiah 14:21).

Read Revelation 4:1-11 to get the full picture of the throne of His glory and the glorious One who sits upon it.

God's Throne is a Throne of Holiness (Psalm 47:8).

Thus we see the throne of the Most High is the highest thing in all God's universe. There is nothing higher; it is a throne of consummate power, and majesty and glory. The throne reveals the infinite distance between God and all else in His universe; it measures the impassable gulf between eternity and time; between the uncreated and the created; between the Sovereign and His subjects.

The throne of God recognizes but one will in all God's universe, the will of God. That will is to be done both in heaven and upon earth. The seat of God's government is His throne. From that throne God rules over all creatures and things, encompassing all within the circle of His will. No provision is made for even a thought, a desire, an attitude that is contrary to the will of God. Everything and everyone is in complete and joyous subjection to the will of God. The eternal King is to rule over His eternal kingdom from His eternal throne. Then everything would fulfill the purpose for which it was created - the glory of God.

But such a plan was not only for God's glory but for the creature's and creation's supreme good. For God's will is perfect. God Himself is the fountain of life (Ps. 36:9). God is light and God is love (1 John 1:5; 4:8). So all that emanated from Him through His holy will would produce fullness of  life, light, and love in heaven and upon earth. So there would be perfect harmony, peace, and joy and order.

There is therefore but one attitude toward the throne of God and the One who sits upon it. It is that of such pure and perfect humility that in worship, in adoration, in praise, in joyful submission, the Lord on high is exalted above all His creatures and His creation (Psalm 99:9; Psalm 103:22).

Such an attitude of humility expressed in unceasing exaltation of God is naturally followed by joyous submission to His sovereignty and loyal obedience to His will.

~Ruth Paxson~

(continued with # 44 - (A Cataclysmic Change)

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