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Monday, March 2, 2015

Puritan Nuggets of Gold # 44


Humility is the repentance of pride. (Nehemiah Rogers)

Humility is both a grace and a vessel to receive grace. (John Trapp)

Pride is a sinner's torment, but humility is a saint's ornament. (William Secker)

The best of God's people have abhorred themselves. Like the spire of a steeple, we are least at the highest. (Thomas Manton)

Many are humbled, but not humble, low, but not lowly. (John Trapp)

When the corn is nearly ripe it bows the head and stoops lower than when it was green. When the people of God are near ripe for heaven, they grow more humble and self-denying. Paul had one foot in heaven when he called himself the chiefest of sinners and last of saints. (John Flavel)

Humility is a necessary veil to all other graces. (William Gurnall)

By humility I mean not the abjectness of a base mind; but a prudent care not to over-value ourselves upon any account. (Obadiah Grew)

A sight of God's glory humbles. The stars vanish when the sun appears. (Thomas Watson)

Humility wrestleth with God, like Jacob, and wins by yielding. (Thomas Adams)

In spiritual graces let us study to be great, and not to know it. (Thomas Adams)

Four reasons written in the heart of an humble saint:
1. When he looks upon another that is a sinner, he considereth that he has been worse than he.
2. A humble heart thinks himself to be worse still.
3. It is God that hath made it and not anything in himself.
4. He considereth that the vilest sinner may be, in God's good time, better than he. (Walter Craddock)

Well, Christians, remember this, God hath two strings to His bow; if your hearts will not lie humble and low under the sense of sin and misery, He will make them lie low under the lack of some desired mercy. (Thomas Brooks)

Humility is a strange flower; it grows best in winter weather, and under storms of affliction. (Samuel Rutherford)

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