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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Puritan Nuggets of Gold # 52


I would do a hundred things that Christ hath not commanded, and leave undone a hundred things that Christ hath not forbidden, rather than be tied to one thing by men that Christ hath not commanded. (Walter Craddock)

Give me the liberty to know, to think, to believe, and to utter freely, according to conscience, above all other liberties. (John Milton)

Honest liberty is the greatest foe to dishonest license. (John Milton)

Wherefore, though the Christian, as a Christian, is the only man at liberty, as called thereunto of God; yet his liberty is limited t things that are good: he is not licensed thereby to indulge the flesh. (John Bunyan)

To argue from mercy to sin is the devil's logic. (James Janeway)

How many on account of free tongues have chained feet? (Thomas Adams)


There is a threefold life: 1. Life natural, 2. life spiritual, and 3. life eternal. (Thomas Manton)

Man's life is so short, that Austin doubteth whether to call it a dying life, or a living death. Man's life is but the shadow of smoke, the dream of a shadow. (Thomas Brooks)

He that will be old long, must be old while he is young. (Thomas Adams)

Life is to be measured by action, not by time; a man may die old at thirty, and young at eighty; nay, the one lives after death, and the other perished before he died. (Thomas Fuller)

To live well is to live twice. (Samuel Ward)

Long life and length of days is the blessing and gift of God, that which He promises to all those who fear Him and walk in His ways. Objection: But many of the children of God die untimely, and live not long; how, then, is this true? Answer: This is not simply a blessing, as if he were happy that lives long, but as a symbol or sign of God's good favor and love. If, then, He shows His love to some rather by taking them out of this life, than by prolonging their days, He doth the rather perform His promises than break it. A man promises ten acres  of ground in one field, and give him a hundred in another, he has not broken his promise. So if God have promised long life, that is, a hundred years here, and after not give it him, but gives him eternity in the heavens, He has not broken His promise. (Richard Stock)

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