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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Puritan Nuggets of Gold # 55


Charity begins with itself, malice with another. (John Boys)

None prove worse enemies than those that have received the greatest kindness, when once they turn unkind. As the sharpest vinegar is made of the purest wine ... so the highest love bestowed upon friends, being ill digested or corrupt, turns to the most unfriendly hatred. (Abraham Wright)


As God by creation made two of one, so again by marriage made one of two. (Thomas Adams)

The wife was made of the husband's rib; not of his head, for Paul calleth the husband the wife's head; not of the foot, for he must not set her at his foot. The servant is appointed to serve, and the wife to help. If she must not match with the head, nor stoop at the foot, where shall he set her then? He must set her at his heart, and therefore she which should lie in his bosom was made in is bosom. (Henry Smith)

 Woman takes her being from man, man takes his well-being from woman. (Thomas Adams)

To direct thee to a right choice ... the Holy Spirit gives thee two rules in the choice of a wife, godliness and fitness ... if they be not like, they will not like. (Henry Smith)

It is not evil to marry but good to be wary. (Thomas Gataker)

Look not for better within than thou seest without, for every one seemeth better than she is; if the face be vanity, the heart is pride. (Henry Smith)

First, he must choose his love, and then he must love his choice. (Henry Smith)

A gracious wife satisfieth a good husband, and silenceth a bad one. (George Sinnock)

If he cannot reform his wife without beating, he is worthy to be beaten for choosing no better. (Henry Smith)

Means of Grace

It is not enough to make use of ordinances, but we must see if we can find God there. There are many that hover about the palace, and yet do not speak with the prince. (Thomas Manton)

A strange plant needs more care than a native of the soil. Worldly desires, like a nettle, breed of their own accord, but spiritual desires need a great deal of cultivating. (Thomas Manton)

Use thy duties, as Noah's dove did her wings, to carry thee to the ark of the Lord Jesus Christ, where only there is rest. (Isaac Ambrose)

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