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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Puritan Nuggets of Gold 12


There is little hope of children who are educated wickedly. If the dye have been in the wool, it is hard to get it out of the cloth. (Jeremiah Burroughs)

This is the difference between religion and atheism, religion doth not grow without planting, but will die even where it is planted without watering. Atheism, irreligion, and profaneness are weeds that will grow without setting, but they will not die without plucking up. (William Gurnall)

What if some prove naught that are well brought up? It is not the generality of them. Will you say that Noah's family was no better than the drowned world, because there was one Ham in it; nor David's because there was one Absalom; nor Christ's because thee was one Judas? (Richard Baxter)

What a mercy was it to us to have parents that prayed for us before they had us, as well as in our infancy when we could not pray for ourselves! (John Flavel)


When Christ reveals Himself there is satisfaction in the slenderest portion, and without Christ there is emptiness in the greatest fullness. (Alexander Grosse)

The Lord Jesus has provided a common dole of grace and salvation for every poor soul that stands in need of it, only He will have men come and receive it; they shall have it for carrying away. (Paul Bayne)

Know that the Lord has set apart him that is godly for Himself. Therefore, it is no excuse for him to say, "I do but as others do. He is to reckon his hours by the sun, not the town clock. (Thomas Manton)

There are three things to be considered concerning the glory of Christ, three degrees of its manifestation, the shadow, the perfect image, and the substance itself. Those under the law had only the shadow of it and of the things that belongs to it. Under the Gospel we have the perfect image, which they had not. But the enjoyment of these things in their substance is reserved for heaven; we must be "where He is, that we may behold His glory." (John Owen)

Should the Lord Jesus appear now to any of us in His majesty and glory, it would not be to our edification nor consolation. For we are not meet nor able, by the power of any light or grace  that we have received, or can receive, to bear the immediate appearance and representation of them. His beloved apostle John had leaned on His bosom probably many a time in his life, in the intimate familiarities of love; but when He afterward appeared to him in His glory, "he fell at His feet as dead." (John Owen)

God is best known in Christ; the sun is not seen but by the light of the sun. (William Bridge)

No man can know the Father any farther than it pleaseth the Son to reveal Him. (John Penry)

In nature, we see God, as it were, like the sun in a picture; in the law, as the sun in a cloud; in Christ we see him in His beams; He being "the brightness of His glory, and the exact image of His person." (Stephen Charnock)

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