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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Puritan Nuggets of Gold 15

Christians (continued)

A hypocrite knows more than he is willing to do; but a true saint desires to do what he knows, and to know more than he may do more, and better. (Vavasor Powell)

A saint sails with every wind. As the wicked are hurt by the best things, so the godly are bettered by the worst. (William Jenkyn)

You are to follow no man further than he follows Christ. (John Collens)

The weak Christian is willing to live and patient to die; but the strong, patient to live and willing to die. (John Boys)

Wicked men seem to bear great reverence to the saints departed; then cannonize dead saints, but persecute living. (Thomas Watson)

Martyrdom came into the world early; the first man that died, died for religion. (William Jenkyn)

Saints must be best in worst times. (John Trapp)

Piety shall have riches without rust, wealth without want, store without sore, beauty without blemish, mirth without mixture. (John Trapp)

If there be glory laid up for them that die in the Lord; much more shall they be glorified that die for the Lord. (Sir Richard Baker)

The Church

Many crowd into the church, but make no room for the sermon to get into them. (Thomas Adams)

Everyone that hangs about the court does not speak with the king. (Thomas Watson)

As Christ hath His saints in Nero's court; so the devil his servants in the outer court of the visible church. (William Gurnall)

There is no place for any loose stone in God's edifice. (Joseph Hall)

It is better for a bramble to be in the wilderness than in an orchard; for a weed to be abroad, than in a garden, where it is sure to be weeded out, as the other to be cut down. If a man will be unprofitable, let him be unprofitable out of the Church. But to be so where he has the dew of grace falling on him, in the means of salvation, where are all God's sweet favors ... will God, the great Husbandman, endure this? Whatsoever is not for fruit is for the fire. (Richard Sibbs)

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