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Friday, January 30, 2015

Puritan Nuggets of Gold # 16

The Church (continued)

We read once that Christ ever exercised force but once, and that was to drive profane ones out of His Temple, and not to force them in. (John Milton)

God speaks in the Scriptures, and by it teaches the Church herself; and therefore His authority in the Scriptures is greater, the authority of Him that teaches, than of those by whom He teaches as the authority of a king in his laws is greater than that of an officer that proclaims them. (Unknown)

God speaks by the Church (the true Church we mean); but He speaks nothing by her but what He speaks in the Scriptures, which she does only ministerially declare to us; and therefore the authority of God and His law is above hers, who though she publish, yet did not make it, but is herself subject to it. (John Owen)

Those who found the presence and power of the Spirit of Christ breathing in their ministers, either to their conversion, or edification, will be slow to change such a ministry of faith, and holiness, for the liberty of church order. (John Cotton)

Where God does NOT find a mouth to speak, you must NOT find an ear to hear, nor a heart to believe. (Thomas Lye)

Seeing they prosper that love and bear affection to Jerusalem, let men learn to show good will unto Christ's church, though as yet they be no ripe scholars themselves in Christ's school; though they are not grown to perfection let them express a good affection. (Andrew Willet)

Either our beds are soft, or our hearts hard, that can rest when the church is at unrest, that feel not our brethren's hard cords through our soft beds. (John Trapp)

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