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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Puritan Nuggets of Gold # 4


It is the great duty of all Christians to put off anger. It unfits for duty. A man cannot wrestle with God and wrangle with is neighbor at the same time. Short sins often cost us long and sad sorrows. (Philip Henry)

The angry man, like the two hot disciples that called fire from heaven, ordains himself the judge, and would have God turn his executioner. (Thomas Adams)

Plato said to his servant, "I would have killed thee, but that I am angry. (John King)

He that will be angry, and not sin, must not be angry but for sin. (John Trapp)

Be soonest angry with thyself. (Thomas Fuller)


Apostasy is a perversion to evil after a seeming conversion from it. (Timothy Cruso)

Indifference in religion, is the first step to apostasy from religion. (William Secker)

None sink so far into hell as those that come nearest heaven, because they fall from the greatest height. (William Gurnall)

It were far easier to write a book of apostates in his age than a book of martyrs. (John Trapp)

Assurance of Life Eternal

What is assurance?

It is a new conversion; it will make a man differ from himself in what he was before in that manner almost as conversion doth before he was converted. There is a new edition of all man's graces. (Thomas Goodwin)

Assurance is the fruit that grows out of the root of faith. (Stephen Charnock)

Assurance is glory in the bud, it is the suburbs of paradise. (Christopher Nesse)

I am wholly His; I am peculiarly His; I am universally His; I am eternally His. (Thomas Brooks)

Can I have eternal life and not know it?

A child of God may have the Kingdom of grace in his heart, yet not know it. The cup was in Benjamin's sack, though he did not know it was there. (Thomas Watson)

Assurance is a fruit that grows out of the root of faith; the fruits in winter appear not upon the tree. Because I see not a flourishing top, shall I deny the existence and sappiness of the root? Mary, when she wept at Christ's feet, had no assurance of His love, yet Christ sends her away with the encomium of her faith, acted before the comfort dropped from His lips. (Stephen Charnock)

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