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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Puritan Nuggets of Gold # 14

Christ (continued)

In the Gospel history, we find that Christ had a fourfold entertainment among men. Some received Him into house, not into heart, as Simon the Pharisee; some into heart, but not into house, as the faithful centurion; some neither into house nor heart, as the graceless Gergesites; some both into house and heart, as Lazarus, Mary, Martha. (John Boys)


You are those worthies "of whom the world is not worthy," (Hebrews 11:38). You are the princes "that prevail with God," (Genesis 32:28). You are those "excellent ones" in whom is all Christ's delight. (Psalm 16:3). You are His glory. You are His picked, culled, prime instruments which He will make use of to carry on His best and greatest work against His worst and greatest enemies in these latter days. (Thomas Brooks)

The saints of God are called His hidden ones, (Psalm 83:3). Why so? Not only because they are hid in God's decree, and hid in Christ's wounds, but oftentimes God hides them in a time of danger and calamity. He reserved to Himself seven thousand that had not bowed the knee to Baal. The prophet knew not where there was one, but God knew there were seven thousand. (Thomas Watson)

God has made His children, by adoption, nearer to Himself than the angels. The angels are the friends of Christ; believers are His members. ( Thomas Watson)

'Tis strange that the saints, who dare not judge any man, yet are said to judge all things, and to be judged of no man; that they who hurt no man should be said to destroy all men; that those who have nothing, should be said to be heirs of all, and inherit all things. (William Erbery)

It argues more grace to grieve for the sins of others than for our own. We may grieve for our own sins out of fear of hell, but to grieve for the sins of others is from a principle of love to God. (Thomas Watson)

He who is godly is both a diamond and a loadstone; a diamond for the sparkling of his grace; and a loadstone, for his attractive virtue in drawing others to the love of God's precepts. (Thomas Watson)

We are to receive our reward not according to our success, but according to our sincerity. (John Oldfield)

The world does not know, nor is able to make a right judgment of believers. Their infirmities are visible to all - their graces invisible; the King's daughter is glorious within. (John Owen)

Be as holy as you can, as if there were no gospel to save you. Yet when you are as holy as you can, you must believe in Christ as if there were no law at all to condemn you. (Thomas Lye)

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