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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Puritan Nuggets of Gold # 21

devil (continued)

The devil shapes himself to the fashions of all men. If he meet with a proud man, or a prodigal man, then he makes himself a flatterer; if a covetous man, then he comes with a reward in his hand. He hath an apple for Eve, a grape for Noah, a change of raiment for Gehazi, a bag for Judas. He can dish out his meat for all palates; he hath a last to fit every shoe; he hath something to please all conditions. (William Jenkyn)

Till we sin satan is a parasite; but when once we are in the devil's hands he turns tyrant. (Thomas Manton)

satan does not like God, warn before he strikes. (Vavasor Powell)

The devil has three ways by which he makes men seek after him. First, commonly he covers holiness with other names. Secondly, he persuades men that sine are but little. Thirdly, that they may be repented of hereafter. (John Collins)

satan can afflict the body by the mind - for these two are so closely bound together that their good and bad estate is shared between them. If the heart be merry the countenance is cheerful, the strength is renewed, the bones do flourish like an herb. If the heart be troubled, the health is impaired, the strength is dried up, the marrow of the bones wasted, etc. Grief in the heart is like a moth in the garment, it insensibly consumeth the body and disordereth it. (Richard Gilpin)

The devil's war is better than the devil's peace. Suspect dumb holiness. When the dog is kept out of doors he howls to be let in again. (Samuel Rutherford)

The devil is a great student in divinity. (William Gurnall)

The first limit is his nature, for he is not able to do anything than that which his natural disposition will permit and suffer. The second limit is the Will of God, for he can do nothing against the Will of God. (Arthur Dent)

Certain it is, and we are to believe it by faith, that the power of satan is NOT equal to the power of God. It is NOT so strong, so large, and so wide. It is every way infinitely less. There is no comparison between that which is infinite and that which is finite. If we compare it with good angels, it will be less than some and greater than others. But if we compare it with the power of man, it is far greater every way, but yet, we must know, that is a finite and natural power, not supernatural, for then none could be saved. It is mighty, but yet not almighty. (Arthur Dent)

Our corrupted hearts are the factories of the devil, which may be at work without his presence; for when that circumventing spirit has drawn malice, envy, and all unrighteousness unto well-rooted in his disciples, iniquity then goes upon its own legs; and if the gates of hell were shut up for a time, vice would still be fertile and produce the fruits of hell. Thus, when God forsakes us, satan also leaves us; for such offenders he looks upon as sure and sealed up, and his temptations then needless unto them. (Sir Thomas Browne)

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