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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Puritan Nuggets of Gold # 34

Friendship (continued)

Man, being a sociable creature, is mightily encouraged to do as others do, especially in an evil example; for we are more susceptible of evil than we are of good. Sickness is sooner communicated than health; we easily catch a disease off one another, but those that are sound do not communicate health to the diseased. Or rather, to take God's own expression that sets it forth thus - by touching the unclean the man became unclean under the law,  but by touching the clean the man was not purified. (Thomas Manton)

If thou choosest the ungodly for thy friends, thou art in danger of suffering, as well as of sinning with them. The wheat has many a blow for being among the chaff. The gold would not be put into the fire if it were not for the dross with which it is mingled. (George Swinnock)

Do not incorporate into the society of the wicked, or be too much familiar with them. The wicked are God haters; and "shouldest thou join with them that hate the Lord?" (2 Chronicles 19:2). A Christian is bound, by virtue of his oath of allegiance to God in baptism, not to have intimate converse with such as are God's sworn enemies. The bad will sooner corrupt the good, than the good will convert the bad. Pharaoh taught Joseph to swear, but Joseph did not teach Pharaoh to pray. (Thomas Watson)


Joseph's coat made him finer than his brethren, but it caused all his trouble; so great gifts lift a saint up a little higher in the eyes of men, but they occasion many trials, from which thou who art low exempt. (William Gurnall)

Sin, in the reign and power of it, may cohabit with the most excellent natural gifts under the same roof. I mean in the same heart. A man may have the tongue of an angel and the heart of a devil. The learned Pharisees were but painted sepulchres. Gifts are but as a fair glove drawn over a foul hand. (John Flavel)

The least grace is a better security for heaven than the greatest gifts or privileges whatsoever. (John Owen)


Now concerning God, two things are to be known: 1. That He is, and 2. What He is. (John Preston)

God's name, as it is set out in the Word, is both a glorious name, full of majesty; and also a gracious name, full of mercy. (William Gouge)

The word "Father" is personal, the word "God" essential. (Stephen Charnock)

The name "Jehovah" carries majesty in it: the name "Father" carries mercy in it. (Thomas Watson)

The little word "Father", pronounced in faith, has overcome God. (Thomas Watson)

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