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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Puritan Nuggets of Gold # 33

Forgiveness (continued)

He that demands mercy, and shows none, ruins the bridge over which he himself is to pass. (Thomas Adams)

A man may as well go to hell for not forgiving as for not believing. (Thomas Watson)

By revenge thou canst but satisfy a lust, but by forgiveness thou shalt conquer a lust. (John Flavel)

While wrongs are remembered they are not remitted. He forgives not that forgets not. (John Trapp)

He shed tears for those that shed His blood. (Thomas Watson)


Too much friendship makes way for hatred. Yes, in truth there is no enmity so dangerous as that which has its foundations upon the ruins of love. And as the nature, the purest substance is turned into the most loathsome corruption; so the hottest love, which has no other ground but carnal respect. For being privy to all their friends' secrets, counsels, and conditions, they are the more enabled thereby to do them the greater mischief when their love is turned to malice. Even as a traitor is much more dangerous than a professed enemy. (George Downame)

In the choice of a bosom friend, some respect ought to be had to his prudence. Some men, though holy, are indiscreet, and in point of secrets are like sieves - they can keep nothing committed to them, but let all run through. A blab of secrets is a traitor to society, as one that causeth much dissension. It is good to try him whom we intend for a bosom friend before we trust him. Many complain of the treachery of their friends, and say, that in trust they have found treason. (George Swinnock)

Our afflictions are profitable, as they pluck from us false-hearted parasites, who, like the ivy, cling about us, to suck our sap, and to make themselves fat with our spoil; and to discover to us our true friends, who are hardly discerned from the  other till this time of trial; for as the son of Sirach says, "A friend cannot be known in prosperity, and an enemy cannot be hidden in adversity." (George Downame)

All company with unbelievers or misbelievers is not condemned. We find a Lot in Sodom, Israel with the Egyptians, Abraham and Isaac with their Abimelechs' roses among thorns, and pearls in mud; and Jesus Christ among publicans and sinners. So neither we be infected, nor the name of the Lord wronged, to converse with them, that we may convert them, is a holy course. But still we must be among as strangers: to pas through an infected place is one thing, to dwell in it another. (Thomas Adams)

Clothes and company do oftentimes tell tale in a mute but significant language. (Thomas Brooks)

It is thy interest to choose only the godly for thy friends. Others will one time or other prove false. Ungodly men may be about us, as mice in a barn, whilst something is up to be had; but when all the corn is gone, they are gone too; it thou ceasest to give, they will cease to love. (George Swinnock)

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