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Friday, February 20, 2015

Puritan Nuggets of Gold # 36

God (continued)

The righteousness of God, whereby He justifieth sinners, and sanctifieth the justified, and executeth judgment for His reconciled people, is the sweetest object of the church's joy. (David Dickson)

God was but six days in making the whole world, yet seven days in destroying one city. (John Trapp)

God's forbearance is no acquittance. (John Trapp)

Though the patience of God be lasting, yet it is not everlasting. (William Secker)

As God did not at first choose you because you were high, so He will not forsake you because you are low. (John Flavel)

Man's faith may fail him sometimes, but God's faithfulness never fails him. (William Greenhill)

The only ground of God's love is His love. The ground of God's love is only and wholly in Himself. There is neither portion nor proportion in us to draw His love. There is no love nor loveliness in us that should cause a beam of His love to shine upon us. (Thomas Brooks)

He is called the "Father of mercy," as who should say, He begets mercy, even a generation of mercies, from day to day. (Thomas Hooker)

You now know the reason why God stands so long waiting on sinners, months, years, preaching to them; it is that He may be gracious in pardoning them, and in that act delight Himself. Princes very often pardon traitors to please others more than themselves, or else it would never be done; but God doth it chiefly to delight and glad His own merciful heart. Hence the business Christ came about (which is no other but to reconcile sinners to God) is called "the pleasure of the Lord" (Isaiah 53:10). (William Gurnall)

God is not wasted by bestowing. (Thomas Manton)

God is ever giving to His children, yet hath not the less. His riches are imparted, not impaired. (Thomas Watson)

If the end of one mercy were not the beginning of another, we were undone. (Philip Henry)

Impossible it is, that He should reject any poor penitent sinner, merely for the greatness of the sins he hath committed. It is the exaltation of His mercy (saith faith) that God hath in His eye when He promised pardon to poor sinners. (William Gurnall)

He is righteous to reward according to deserts; He is gracious to reward above deserts; yea, He is merciful to reward without deserts; and how, then, can I doubt of His will to help me? (Sir Richard Baker)

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