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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Puritan Nuggets ofGold # 18


As in the burning of some wet fuel, we cannot see the fire for smoke; so the light of the Scriptures is dusked by the vapors of controversies. (Thomas Adams)

Were it not a piece of strange madness, when the enemy is at the walls, and the town every moment in danger of being stormed, the bullets flying thick about the streets, for the people within to be sitting still and consulting, whether a musket would carry further than a trunk. Truly, such folly, such madness, is it to employ ourselves about needless discourse about the world or superficial things, when our inestimable souls are continually in danger of being surprised and slain. (George Swinnock)

Many controversies of these times grow up about religion, as suckers from the root and limbs of a fruit tree, which spend the vital sap that should make fruit. ( John Flavel)

The devil loves to fish in troubled waters. (John Trapp)

I have other things to do than to be a contentious man. (John Penry)

The servants of God do mind the matter of religion more seriously than others do; and therefore their differences are made more observable to the world. They cannot make light of the smallest truth of God; and this may be some occasion of their indifference; whereas the ungodly differ not about religion, because they have heartily no religion to differ about. Is this a unity and peace to be desired? I had rather have the discord of the saints than such a concord of the wicked. (Richard Baxter)


He is not a covetous man, who lays up something providentially; but he is a covetous man, who gives out nothing willingly. (William Secker)

A poor man doth want many things, a rich miser wants everything. (John Boys)

The miser deprives himself of this world and God will deprive him of the next. (Thomas Adams)

They are fools that fear to lose their wealth by giving, but fear not to lose themselves by keeping it. (John Trapp)

Covetousness is called idolatry, which is worse than infidelity, (Colossians 3:5); for it is less rebellion not to honor the king, than to set up another king against him. (Henry Smith)

Antichrist is mammon's son. (John Milton)

Christianity teacheth me that what I charitably give alive, I carry with me dead; and experience teacheth me that what I leave behind, I lose. I will carry that treasure with me by giving it, which the worldling loseth by keeping it; so, while his corpse shall carry nothing but a winding cloth to his grave, I shall be richer under the earth than I was above it. ( Joseph Hall)

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