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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Puritan Nuggets of Gold # 35

God (continued)

The titles of God are virtually promises, when He is called a sun, a shield, a strong tower, a hiding place, a portion. The titles of Christ: light of the world, bread of life, the way, the truth, and life; the titles of the Holy Spirit: the Spirit of truth, of holiness, of glory, of grace, of supplication, the sealing, witnessing Spirit - faith may conclude as much out of these as out of promises. (David Clarkson)

There can be but one Infinite. (Elisha Coles)

You may know God, but not comprehend Him. (Richard Baxter)

How should finite comprehend infinite? We shall apprehend Him, but not comprehend Him. (Richard Sibbs)

We know God but as men born blind know the fire: they know that there is such a thing as fire, for they feel it warm them, but what it is they know not. So, that there is a God we know, but what He is we know little, and indeed we can never search Him out to perfection; a finite creature can never fully comprehend that which is infinite. (Thomas Manton)

It is visible that God "is", but is invisible "what" He is. (Stephen Charnock)

Thomas acknowledged the divinity he did not see, by the wounds he did see. (John Boys)

No bodily eye hath ever, or can possibly see Him. Neither can the eye of the understanding perfectly reach Him. (Thomas Hodges)

God is the cause of causes. (Christopher Neese)

God's foreknowledge of what He will do doth not necessitate Him to do. (Stephen Charnock)

God reveals His glorious majesty in the highest heavens, His fearful justice in the hell of the damned; His wise and powerful providence is manifest throughout the whole world; but His gracious love and mercy in, and unto His Church here upon earth. (John Robinson)

All things (but lying, dying, and denying Himself) are possible to God. (Christopher Nesse)

One Almighty is more than all mighties. (William Gurnall)

God's center is everywhere, His circumference nowhere. (Thomas Watson)

God is neither shut up in nor shut out of any place. (George Swinnock)

The carnal mind sees God in nothing, not even in spiritual things. The spiritual mind sees Him in everything, even in natural things. (Robert Leighton)

A heathen philosopher once asked: "Where is God?" The Christian answered: "Let me first ask you, where is He not?" (John Arrowsmith)

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