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Friday, April 3, 2015

Puritan Nuggets of Gold # 73


Religion is not a thing which it is possible to put off and put on like a Sunday dress. If you think you are doing so, believe me that as yet it is not a religion, but a web of delusions. (Edward Reynolds)

The abstract of religion is to imitate Him whom thou dost worship. Such an one hath done me insufferable wrong, how can I forgive him? God would. Another has gotten into my debt, and abuseth my patience, how can I forbear him? God would. Be thou a follower of God in grace, that thou mayest ascend to His glory. (Thomas Adams)


Repentance with man is the changing of his will; repentance with God is the willing of a change. (John Trapp)

There is no other fortification against the judgments of God but repentance. His forces be invisible, invincible; not repelled with sword and target; neither portcullis not fortress can keep them out; there is nothing in the world that can encounter them but repentance. (Thomas Adams)

God will not pardon for repentance, not yet without it. (Thomas Watson)

There cannot be a true sorrow of heart for a sin that is past, but presently there doth arise a purpose not to sin for the future. (Thomas Goodwin)

Let the quantity of thy sins be the measure of thy repentance. (Isaac Bargrave)

A stroke, from guilt, from wrath, broke Judas' heart into despair; a look from love, from Christ, broke Peter's into tears. (George Swinnock)

Other things may be the worse for breaking, yet a heart is never at the best till it be broken. (Sir Richard Baker)

He grieves truly that weeps without a witness. (George Swinnock)

Wouldest thou know when thou hast been humbled enough for sin? When thou art willing to let go thy sins. (Thomas Watson)

The wicked do but weep for their sins past, but the godly purpose to sin no more. (Henry Smith)

The convictions of hypocrites and reprobates are usually confined to some very few gross transgressions. Saul grants no more but the persecuting of David. Judas grants only the betraying of innocent blood; but usually those convictions by which the Lord prepareth His own way in the soul, although they may begin at one or more grass particular transgressions, yet they stop not; but the man is led on to see many breaches of the law, and "innumerable evils compassing him," as David speaketh in the sight of his sin. (William Guthrie)

A repenting man is more angry at his own heart that consenteth to sin than he is at the devil who did tempt him to sin. (Samuel Rutherford)

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