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Monday, April 6, 2015

Puritan Nuggets of Gold # 76

Reproof (continued)

To tell a man of his sins as softly as Eli did his sons, reprove him as gently as Jehoshaphat did Ahab, "Let not the king say so," doth usually as much harm as good. I am persuaded the very manner of some men's reproof and exhortation hath hardened many a sinner in the way of destruction. To tell them of sin, or heaven, or hell, in a dull, easy careless language, doth make men think you are not in good sadness, nor do mean as you speak; but either you scarce think yourselves such things are true, or else you take them in such a slight and indifferent manner. (Unknown)

Oh, sirs, deal with sin as sin, and speak of heaven and hell as they are, and not as if you were in jest. (Richard Baxter)

Reprove compassionately. Soft words and hard arguments do well together. Passion will heat the sinner's blood, but compassion will heal his conscience. (George Swinnock)

The reprover should have a lion's stout heart, or he will not be faithful, and a lady's soft hand, or he is not like to be successful. (George Swinnock)

Some men would receive more blows with more patience, if they were given them with more prudence. (George Swinnock)

The minister is to reprove the sins of all, but to name none. Paul, being to preach before a lascivious and unrighteous prince, touched him to the quick, but did not name him in his sermon. Felix's conscience saved Paul that labor. (William Gurnall)


We are more sure to arise out of our graves than out of our beds. (Thomas Watson)

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