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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Puritan Nuggets of Gold # 89


We are called servants, to shew how we should obey (Luke 12:38); and we are called soldiers, to shew how we should suffer (2 Timothy 2:3). (Henry Smith)

Christians should not be to learn their duties, when they should be doing them; nor doing them, when they should be suffering for them. (Vavasor Powell)

It is, and should be the care of a Christian, not to suffer for sin, nor sin in suffering. (Vavasor Powell)

Sufferings are but as little chips of the Cross. (Joseph Church)

Look, as our greatest good comes through the sufferings of Christ, so God's greatest glory that He hath from His saints comes through their sufferings. (Thomas Brooks)

The Gospel gets really more advantage by the holy, humble sufferings of one saint, simply for the Word of righteousness, than by ten thousand arguments used against heretics and false worship. (John Collins)

Suffering: shortest cut to heaven. (Vavasor Powell)

Saints should fear every sin, but no sufferings. (Vavasor Powell)


satan tempts to sin under a pretense of religion. He is most to be feared when he transforms himself into an angel of light. He came to Christ with Scripture in his mouth: "It is written." The devil baits his hook with religion. He tempts many  man to covetousness and extortion under a pretense of providing for his family; he tempts some to do away with themselves, that they may live no longer to sin against God; and so he draws them into sin, under a pretense of avoiding sin. (Thomas Watson)

If thou dost not stumble at this stone, the devil hath another at hand to throw in the way. He is not so unskillful a fowler as to go with one single shot into the field; and therefore expect him, as soon as he hath discharged one, and missed thee, to let fly at thee with a second. (William Gurnall)

satan, like a fisherman, baits his hook according to the appetite of the fish. (Thomas Adams)

satan would seen to be mannerly and reasonable; making as if he would be content with one-half of the heart, whereas God challengeth all or none: as, indeed, He hath most reason to claim all that made all. But this is nothing but a crafty fetch of satan; for he knows that if he have any part, God will have none: so the whole falleth to his share alone. (Joseph Hall)

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