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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Puritan Nuggets of Gold # 94

Unity (continued)

Ah, were their souls fully assured that God had loved them freely, and received them graciously, and justified them perfectly, and pardoned them absolutely, and would glorify them everlastingly, they could not but love where God loves, and own where God owns, and embrace where God embraces, and be one with every one that is one with Jesus. (Thomas Brooks)

When I have communion with a saint, I must not look so much whether he be of such an opinion, or whether he have taken the covenant, or to have been baptized once or twice or ten times, but see if he have fellowship with the Father, and with Jesus Christ. (Walter Craddock)

Labor mightily for a healing spirit. Away with all discriminating names whatever that may hinder the applying of balm to heal your wounds. Discord and division become no Christian. For wolves to worry the lambs is no wonder, but for one lamb to worry another, this is unnatural and monstrous. (Thomas Brooks)

Take away union and there can be no communion. (John Flavel)

What cannot warrant a breach where there is union, that cannot warrentably be the ground to keep up a division. (James Durham)

There may and ought to be uniting when the evils that follow division or schism, are greater and more hurtful to the church than the evils that may be supposed to follow on union. (James Durham)

There is but one God, and they that serve Him should be one. There is nothing that would render the true religion more lovely, or make more proselytes to it, than to see the professors of it tied together with the heart-strings of love. (Thomas Watson)

Unity without verity is no better than conspiracy. (John Trapp)

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