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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Puritan Nuggets of Gold # 81


Sin has the devil for its father, shame for its companion, and death for its wages. (Thomas Watson)

Sin is the dare of God's justice, the rape of His mercy, the jeer of His patience, the slight of His power, and the contempt of His love. (John Bunyan)

A holy man knows that all sin strikes at the holiness of God, the glory of God, the nature of God, the being of God, and the law of God: and therefore his heart rises against all; he looks upon every sin as the Scribes and Pharisees that accused Christ; and as that Judas that betrayed Christ; and as that Pilate that condemned Christ; and as those soldiers that scourged Christ; and as these spears that pierced Christ. (Thomas Brooks)

Sin is the strength of death and the death of strength. (Thomas Adam)

Man lost not his faculties but the rectitude of them. (Thomas Goodwin)

We deceive ourselves if we say, we are without original sin, or without actual sin, in external conversation, in internal inclination ... the fairest books have their errata. (Philip Henry)

Not only the worst of my sins, but the best of my duties speak me a child of Adam. (William Beveridge)

Some talk that the devil hath a cloven foot; but whatever the devil's foot be, to be sure his sons have a cloven heart. (Richard Alleine)

Iniquity can plead antiquity. (Thomas Adams)

Despair is hope stark dead, presumption is hope stark mad. (Thomas Adams)

Better to bear than to swear, and to die than to lie. (Thomas Brooks)

To commit that sin, but two things are required - light in the mind, and malice in the heart. (Thomas Goodwin)

A sin of infirmity may admit apology; a sin of ignorance may find out excuse; but a sin of defiance can find no defense. (Sir Richard Baker)

Take heed of secret sins. They will undo thee if loved and maintained: one moth may spoil the garment; one leak drown the ship; a penknife stab and kill a man as well as a sword; so one sin may damn the soul; nay, there is more danger of a secret sin causing the miscarrying of the soul than open profaneness, because not so obvious to the reproofs of the world; therefore take heed that secret sinnings eat not out good beginnings. (Jeremiah Burroughs)

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