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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Puritan Nuggets of Gold # 95


Sin, satan and war all have all one name; evil is the best of them. The best of sin is deformity, of satan enmity, of war misery. (John Trapp)

War makes both less meat and fewer mouths. (Thomas Fuller)

In war, none are permitted to err twice. (John Trapp)


Set a strong guard abut thy outward senses: these are satan's landing places, especially the eye and the ear. (William Gurnall)

Be careful, Christian, after extraordinary prayer, as a man would be after taking strong physic; a little disorder in thy walking may be of sad consequence. (William Gurnall)

satan tempts after some discoveries of God's love. As a pirate sets on a ship that is richly laden, so when a soul hath been laden with spiritual comforts the devil will be shooting at him, to rob him of all. The devil envies to see a soul feasted with spiritual joy. (Thomas Watson)

The Wicked

No marvel if the worldling escape earthly afflictions. God corrects him not. He is base born and begot. God will not do him the favor to whip him. The world afflicts him not, because it loves him: for each man is indulgent to his own. God uses not the rod where He means to use the Word. The pillory or scourge is for those malefactors that shall escape execution. (Joseph Hall)

They have earth in their hands (John 9:24), who have nothing of heaven in their hearts; they bear sway in the world who are slaves to the world; they govern and order others at their will who are led captive by satan at his will. Be not offended and troubled to see the reins of government in their hands who know not how to govern themselves, or to see them rule the world who are unworthy to live in the world. (Joseph Caryl)

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