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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Puritan Nuggets of Gold # 92

The Trinity (continued)

It is rashness to search, godliness to believe, safeness to preach, and eternal blessedness to know the Trinity.  (Thomas Adams)

A mystery which my faith embraces as revealed in the Word, but my reason cannot fathom. (John Arrowsmith)


Such is the immutability of truth, the patrons of it make it not greater, the opposers make it not less; as the splendor of the sun is not enlarged by them that bless it, nor eclipsed by them that hate it. (Thomas Adams)

Should (we) think ourselves obliged to throw away gold or diamonds, because an impure hand has touched them, or to deny Christ, because the devil's confessed Him? (John Howe)

News may come that Truth is sick, but never that it is dead. (William Gurnall)

When men have orthodox judgments and heterodox hearts, there must needs be little love to truth. (William Gurnall)

Truth reforms as well as informs. (William Jenkyn)

If I speak what is false, I must answer for it; if truth, it will answer for me. (Thomas Fuller)

We stand at better advantage to find truth, and keep it also, when devoutly praying for it, than fiercely wrangling and contending about it. Disputes roil the soul, and raise the dust of passion; prayer sweetly composeth the mind, and lays the passions which disputes draw froth; for I am sure a man may see further in a still clear day, than in a windy and cloudy. (William Gurnall)

Truth must be spoken however it be taken. (John Trapp)

There is due in a penny, as well as in a pound; therefore we must be faithful in the least truth, when season calleth for it. (Richard Sibbes)

Truth seldom goes without a scratched face. (John Trapp)

Serve Christ; back Him; let His cause be your cause; give not an hairbreadth away, for it is not yours but God's. (Samuel Rutherford)

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