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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Puritan Nuggets of Gold # 99


Take heed of drowsiness in hearing; drowsiness shows much irreverence. How lively are many when they are about the world, but in the worship of God how drowsy. In the preaching of the Word, is not the bread of life broken to you; and will a man fall asleep at his food? Which is worse, to stay from a sermon, or sleep at a sermon? (Thomas Watson)

I deny not but that a child of God may sometimes through weakness and indisposition of body drop asleep at a sermon, but it is not voluntary or ordinary. The sun man be in an eclipse, but not often; if sleeping be customary and allowed, it is a very bad sign and a profaning of the ordinance. A good remedy against drowsiness is to use a spare diet upon this day. Such as indulge their appetite too much on a Sabbath, are fitter to sleep on a couch than pray in the temple. (Thomas Watson)

Thou must be an attentive hearer; he that is awake, but wanders with his eye or heart, what doth he but sleep with his eyes open? (William Gurnall)

Be not only attentive in hearing, but retentive after hearing. (Thomas Watson)

Many come to the Word only to feast their ears; they like the melody of the voice, the mellifluous sweetness of the expression, the newness of the notion (Acts 17:21). This is to love the garnishing of the dish more than the food; this is to desire to be pleased rather than edified. Like a woman that paints her face, but neglects her health. (Thomas Watson)

Even when the Christian through weakness of memory cannot remember the very words he hears, to repeat them; yet then he keeps the power and savor of them in his spirit, as when sugar is dissolved in wine, you cannot see it, but you may taste it... so you may taste the truths the Christian heard, in his spirit, see them in his life. (William Gurnall)

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