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Friday, April 10, 2015

Puritan Nuggets of Gold # 80


Examination will help the Christian that has fallen and bruised himself to heal the wound whilst it is fresh, before it is festered. (George Swinnock)

Make up your spiritual accounts daily; see how matters stand between God and your souls (Psalm 77:6). Often reckonings keep God and conscience friends. Do with your hearts as you do with your watches, wind them up every morning by prayer, and at night examine whether your hearts have gone true all that day, whether the wheels of your affections have moved swiftly toward heaven. (Thomas Watson)

Self-examination is the beaten path to perfection. (William Secker)

Men compare themselves with men, and readily with the worst, and flatter themselves with that comparative betterness. This is not the way to see spots, to look into the muddy streams of profane men's lives; but look into the clear fountain of this Word, and there we may both discern and wash them; and consider the infinite holiness of God, and this will humble us to the dust. (Robert Leighton)

Let no soul examine itself by any lower marks than this, participation of the Divine nature, conformity to the Divine image. Examine what alliance your soul has to God; "whose is the image and superscription." (John Shaw)

"The heart of a grand impostor." It is like a cheating tradesman, which will put one off with bad wares; the heart will put a man off with seeming grace, instead of saving. (Thomas Watson)

1. Can I choose to undergo the greatest suffering rather than commit the least sin?

2. Can I embrace Christ with His Cross?

3. Can I work for God, though there were no wages?

4. Can I swim against the stream, be good in bad times and places?

5. Can I pull out right eyes for Christ and cut off right hands, etc.? (Philip Henry)

Christian Service

God hath work to do in this world; and to desert it because of its difficulties and entangelements, is to cast off His authority. It is not enough that we be just, that we be righteous, and walk with God in holiness; but we must also serve our generation as David did before he fell asleep. (John Owen)

For God requiring the first-born for His offering, and the first-fruits for His service, requireth the first labors of His servants. (Henry Smith)

It can be written on the tomb of an unrepentant sinner ... "Here lies a man who in all his life never worked one hour for God." (William Gurnall)

Oh, then be ashamed, Christians, that worldlings are more studious and industrious to make sure of pebbles, than you are to make sure of pearls. (Thomas Brooks)

God hath many servants, but little service in the world. (Thomas Adams)

Is it nothing for a man to be employed in comforting, relieving, and supporting others? This is so great a service that they very angels are employed therein. (William Bridge)

Spiritual rest maketh no man idle, spiritual walking maketh no man weary. (Nathaniel Hardy)

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